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Sunday, April 11, 2010


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see mary stamp

Makes me want to get a puppy. What a sweetheart!


What a lovely puppy - I miss my beautiful G.Shepherd Holly so much....
If you get a chance - check out my Aunts beautiful embroidery of a Labrador on this link
Enjoy your beautiful "baby"


Oh I want another dog now!! He is the most precious puppy! There is nothing like the unconditional love of a dog! Seeing that wagging tail after a bad day...all your troubles just seem to melt away!

Lindsay A.

AWWWWWWWW!! This dog is the sweetest dog I have ever seen and I sincerely mean that! Adorable.


Awww....it looks just like our Zoey when she was a little puppy. Labrador retriever are sooo adorable and men's best friend too. :)

Elizabeth S.

Such a sweet adorable puppy!!

Angy Hughes

Sweet! Love the collage of photos...

Karen B

What a sweet puppy! They really bring so much joy life! congrats!

Pat M.

What an absolute doll. You and he are so very fortunate to have found each other.


Ahh, he's so adogable! Makes me think of my 2 when they were puppies.

Ter ;)

Suzanne Dahlberg

He looks like such a doll! It makes me think of the day we brought Teddy home. Aren't puppies just the BEST! Nothing like it on earth.


Oh I love your Murphy! Something about lab puppies (and adults) that just get to me. And he is 100% cute cute cute. The crazy fun thing about labs is that they stay puppy-like in their enthusiastic view of life for years and years.


Great collage! What a darling puppy!

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