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Monday, October 12, 2009


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Hey Melissa -- Congrats on pumping! I don't wear one, but my daughter does. She is only 4, so we don't have the convenience of pockets for hers. She wears hers in a fanny pack type pouch. This wouldn't be ideal for an adult, but I have read about one person having the site in her thigh with a really long tubing so that the pump can be fit in her trouser sock elastic. I'm not sure how well that works since I can only think of the pain if the socks start to fall. If you check out www.sixuntilme.com you might find some ideas.

As for the best part of pumping -- allowing my daughter to eat when she wants, not having to do multiple calculations in my head and just more "freedom" overall. Best of luck with your new MiniMed.

Michele aka DerbyLea

Yay for you! I wear mine in my pocket... the actual pump in the pocket the clip sticking outside. This way it doesnt catch on things or poke me in the side. I now buy pants only if they have pockets. When I exercise I clip it on the inside of my waistband of my exercise pants. When i sleep I move it around a bit. It takes some getting used to for sleeping, kind of like having a cell phone on your hip. I always wear pj pants so I have a place to clip it. The worst is wearing a dress, I wear it in the cup of my bra (I have good size boobs... not sure if this would work if you were an A or B cup) It looks great there but when you want to eat, you have to find a restroom. I insert it in my stomach area and switch from side to side every 3 days. They say its best to put it somewhere where you have fat (on me this is not a problem). My favorite thing about it is it gives me freedom to be out and about and not worry about having insulin and syringes on me. The worse thing about it is bad things can happen, always keep a regular watch on your sugar... I have had the canula go in wrong and so I wasnt getting any insulin at all... you dont know until you check your sugar and then its like 400. scary. Its happened a few times so just make sure you keep and eye on those blood sugar readings. i would never go back to syringes. Feel free to email me if you have questions. :)

Michele aka DerbyLea

Oh looking at yours I see we have a different kind of clip. I have the holder that is just on the back. let me know if you want to see a picture of it.


Yay Melissa, congrats on your new pump. The only person I know that has one is now 5 and like Cammy said, she wears it in a fanny pack. You'll figure out though what's best for you soon I'm sure!

Hugs, Kelly

J. Runge

One of the boys on my sons soccer team has one and his mom made the greatest little strap. Since you have a belt clip on it, take a piece of elastic band about 1.5 ro 2 inches in width (any color). Sew velcrow to the ends of it so you can secure it around your waist. Then you get to clip it to the velcor and hide it under your shorts, shirt, or anything. He is even our golie and plays with the pump on each game.

she has since even modified her item to include a pocket for it on the eleastic belt as some time when he wrestles with his brothers, the clip comes off, your call.

Hope this helps, jennifer


You need to give your BFF a name! So glad you are working through this. Not having to give yourself injections any longer must be an amazing feeling!

Marcie S.

Yours looks just like mine, but I have purple!! I wear it on my belt. That's what works for me, but sometimes if I'm wearing a shirt or blouse that has 'detailing' on the front that disguises it, I will clip it to my bra underneath my shirt!! :) You will get used to sleeping with it on at night- a different feeling I know! What I like the most is the control it gives me- rarely do I have highs or lows...just awesome after being diabetic for almost 24 years!


My hubby is diabetic and has not gone on the pump yet. I have several students at school with the pump. They seem to wear it in the same place as your photo. I will make some inquiries and get myself educated since this may be in our near future. Thanks to you for sharing your experiences and to other commentors. Best wishes! You are such a positive person. I love your creations!!

Robyn, Maine, USA

I don't know anyone that wears a pump Melissa but my DH wears a blackberry 24/7 for work and he has a leather case (it covers most of the phone) that he wears more on his hip right above the side seam on his pants as this is the least likely to get bumped or hit for him...and since he is in and out of ceilings almost everyday he had to find a holder and where to wear it to prevent some of the issues you spoke of. Here's to a smooth and quick transition to becoming one with your BFF!

Elizabeth S. in mid-Michigan

When I saw your pump, I said, "Praise the Lord!" I'm so happy for you. I've had diabetes for 29 years and been on the pump for 8. I have a Minimed just like you in blue. Like Michele aka DerbyLea mentioned earlier, I have a different clip which makes the whole thing just a little more thin, doesn't stick out as much. I put my sites all over the place, even in my arm (got challenged to do that by a young pumper). I always keep it in my right front pocket with the thin clip facing out so as not to scratch it. I use the long tubing and place the pump under my pillow and have very little problem with it that way. Anyway questions, please feel free to e-mail. Congratulations. I will keep praying for you. It's the most fantastic thing for diabetes. Bless you.


Oh yeah for you!! I hope you find this as life changing as we did with my daughter!! She wears her's just like you, although we do have the smaller clip that's attached right to the pump. Not the holster one. Dresses are the most difficult. Best of luck!!


Bra. For sure the bra. On the side, by your armpit. That's the best place evah!

karen q

My 26 year old daughter has had a pump for about 9 years. It does make life easier. If you want to wear a dress, they make any elastic holder that you can wear on your thigh. That little piece of elastic saved the day at many high school dressed up functions. It might be a little uncomfortable, be she wears a sports bra to bed so she can tuck the pump in it. Good luck with it. It is like anything else, over time you get so used to it that you can't remember being without it.

shelley  s.

i have the minimed, too. i used to use the same clip you are using, but switched to the smaller one. the pump usually comes with the two...i wear it on my belt, pocket, or waistband. It does get bumped & scratched, but it's sturdy. at night, i just leave the pump next to me on the bed (the infusion sets with 46 inch tubing give you enough room to roll around). if it's clipped to pajamas, i end up sleeping on the hard lump of it. good luck with everything! it really is an improvement.

Jolene S

Hey Melissa!

Well, no wonder you haven't been around here much! HA! COMPLETELY understandable!!!!

Here's wishing you the best of luck with your new "friend"! I hope its a huge life improvement for you.



Hi - I have been using an insulin pump for several years now..it will be 24 years being a diabetic on November 11th. I just started with a minimed pump a month or so ago myself and I love it. I also have the continuous glucose monitor too and that is a really great help! I inject mine into my stomach all the time. I haven't ever found a better place to put it and even my Dr. suggests that is the best place for it. I just move it back and forth every three days. As for wearing it I wear something I got from www.pumpwear.com it started out as a thing for only kids but they have many new things for adults now too! I use a pump pack and have used these since I started wearing a pump as I don't usually have pockets in my pants. For dresses I got a thing that goes on my thigh and it works perfectly...wore it under my wedding dress and no one knew! :) Any questions about it just ask...I mastered mine in days and the woman who was suppost to train me knew less about it than I do! Good luck and thank goodness no more needles!


Oh and as for sleeping I usually just put mine under my pillow if my continous glucose monitor isn't on me. I did this for years. I use long tubing though so this worked for me. Also when I do have the CGM on I usually lay it on the bed next to me or tuck it into the side of my undies..lol. On my hip it usually stays pretty well. I am one who tosses and turns a lot at night too and I have never run into any problems with it at all!


Hey - so I haven't been on the blog recently and just saw this! How awesome! Wow! It must be such a major change in your life! I hope it makes everything just a little bit easier!!! Love and miss ya!

Rose Ann

Hi Melissa! I am familiar with you being on the PaperTrey Ink team, but I only just discovered that you are a "pumper". My 9-year-old was diagnosed with T1 in March '09, and was recently approved to start the process of the pump. He is so excited, and I love hearing stories of success...such as yours. I helps me to believe I am taking the right steps towards a better future for Lance. Thank you for posting this, and I wish you the very BEST!!

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